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Karly, Thank you SO much for your work. I have battled myself and food issues for 22 years. Now at 35, I finally feel I’m on the right track. Your work just ‘feels’ so right.

As a single mum and business owner with a lot on my plate, I adore listening to the recordings on Untangled. I listen to them in the car, when I cook, when I iron, clean the house, take a walk – you’ve become my companion and friend. I love your voice and have found it “eye opening.” Never before has it been suggested to me that I ‘welcome’ my cravings in, listen to them, care for them, “rock them to sleep”….and I LOVE it! Wow, I feel so much better about everything – about myself, my feelings, my behaviors, my past, my life. Thank you.

Anna M., Melbourne, Australia

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your insight and approach on overeating and eating disorders. Like most people, my journey with overeating has been up and down over the years. A big part of my overall progress has been reading your materials, including your weekly emails and blog posts as well as the Untangled program. It’s all helped me shift my thinking and be softer and kinder to myself.


Thank you for your beautiful program – I appreciate your work tremendously. I feel so glad I found your blog this summer. The words rest and compassion caught my attention. You put words to what I feel but could not articulate – I have read and listened to your program almost daily since then.

Actually, you have changed the way I look at food but primarily made my life more compassionate. You give great practical support, understanding and help. And it works. Nowadays I do not eat sugar. Mostly.

Jeanette W.

Thank you for your program…I’ve been struggling for years now and upon a desperate evening over the summer, I googled some fortuitous combination of words that brought me to your website. As I’m still on the journey, I have your kind voice to pull me up and the feeling that someone finally, FINALLY understands – and without judgment.

Thank you for what you have done…it has helped me begin to heal and it is important.

Tricia B.

I love Untangled! I downloaded all the audios and listened to all of them on my iPhone, either at home or in my car. I am in Overeaters Anonymous and found this program to be very compatible; your strategies were very helpful to me.

I’ve lost 30 pounds since changing my approach to my compulsive eating six months ago and am pleased to be abstinent today. Thanks for your work!!!

Donna H.

Untangled coaches me to change from within, gets into my thoughts and emotions where I need healing, and so the change in my behavior is organic from the inside out instead of a rigid regime which I cannot follow.

Karen P.

I have listened to Heal Overeating: Untangled many many times. When I feel stressed or feel like bingeing on some Cheetos and ice cream, I grab my iPad and headphones and listen to one of the audios. It instantly makes me feel better. It has helped me soo much! It’s taken some time but my life is finally on the right track, thanks to Karly’s help.

Danielle Jackson, Mooresville, Indiana

There were things you said during your writings that only hit home with me over time. I kept being able to buckle down and stop doing things, but I never felt much better. And then something clicked about five months ago. I realized in some fundamental way that all that quitting stuff was about trying to feel good. I needed to figure out what that would mean, because it isn’t just about not doing things. And I realized that in order to feel good, I needed to feel beautiful and full of energy.

You often said that, as a woman, you thought it was important to feel beautiful. I’ve never let myself indulge in such feelings. But at the beginning of the year I embarked on my own version of radical self care. It began with what I called “remedial self care”: showering daily, caring for my skin, putting on more than sweat clothes. After trying to wear my regular clothes for a while, I realized how much I hated them all. So I bought myself some new, much better fitting clothes. This personal effort lead to renewing my mostly dormant intimate life with my husband. These efforts lead to my embarking on a mostly whole foods diet. And more and more and more. I feel physically and emotionally better than I have in ages, maybe ever. I finally feel beautiful for the first time in my life.

I truly feel that I have you to thank for reframing my life-long personal battles. Only because you said, and kept saying, change will only come if I love myself now, as I am, and accept that any kind of true change will only come slowly over time. I can’t thank you enough for that message, that wisdom.

Carrie T.

Karly is one of the most authentic and deeply caring teachers I know. What a gift for everyone she teaches and touches, that she has an extraordinary ability to transform the struggles, insights, hard-won wisdom and growing edges of her own journey into programs that meet people right where they are, and support them – with exquisite kindness – to take their next steps toward freedom, wholeness and deep self-care.


Karly’s Untangled program opened doors to a different way of approaching my relationship with food, weight-loss, and myself. The program offers many tools, which Karly describes and explains in a practical, positive, and detailed manner. Untangled is not a quick fix. Instead, through the deep compassion and practical tools provided, Untangled provides a lasting foundation to which I can return again and again for support and direction. I am immensely grateful to Karly for making Untangled available to those of us out here struggling with over eating.

Tammy Shapiro, Auroro, Colorado