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Being healed from overeating doesn’t mean eating perfectly

I used to think that being “healed” or recovered from my eating disorders meant I would always eat perfectly. So I was always striving to be perfect so that I could feel whole and healed and define myself as “recovered.” It’s the only way I felt enough. But because I could never be perfect, IContinue Reading

Building self trust

Where many of us get stuck is that we’re fearful – we think that loving ourselves as we are means we can’t change or that we’ll fail – that we won’t have the motivation to transform painful patterns like overeating. We are much more comfortable cracking the whip and shaming ourselves into change than weContinue Reading

Turn towards your pain

If you’re like me, and nearly every human being I know, you may have spent considerable energy avoiding your pain. Instead, I encourage you to turn towards it – to invite it in. I know this is hard. We look at our pain and believe what it says about us – that we’re unworthy, flawed,Continue Reading

How self-compassion healed my habit of overeating

I designed the Becoming Binge Free worksheet and the Heal Overeating:  Untangled program because I wanted to create a map for walking away from food during those moments when it felt impossible. It was a very personal exercise for me.  Many of you know that I’ve had over 20 years of eating disorders. I’d foundContinue Reading